Isn't it confusing to decide which Python course to join?

Maybe you're asking friends for recommendations? Or reading online?

There are so many courses out there that it's overwhelming to decide!

  • According to research by University of Warwick, popular online courses have a 97% drop-out rate. The primary reasons inlclude boring courses and bad experiences.
  • These un-engaging courses waste your energy, motivation and, more importantly, your time (which is hard-pressed to come by anyway since you are loaded with responsibilities) in order to complete them.

So how can you avoid this bad-courses epidemic?

Get our free checklist! We've analyzed lots of courses and super-condensed everything we learnt into this 8-point checklist that will help you:

  • Screen out all these bad Python courses .

  • Filter out good courses that resonate with your personal learning style, within 10 minutes, which saves you time, energy and motivation.

  • Works for any programming language!

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