Python 3 Engager Course (Beta, Standard)

$329.00 $49.00

Pythonstation’s course is the only Python course that engages you with learning concepts in a number of different ways. The language is intentionally kept simple along with 50+ topics, 40+ conceptual images, 300+ quiz questions, 400+ examples, 200+ creative examples and 100+ coding problems to name a few goodies!


A Python 3 course that allows you to execute the code as you go along. This course will allow you to achieve the following:

  • Start learning Python without installing any IDE/tools on your PC.
  • Have a sound understanding of core Python concepts.
  • This knowledge should be enough to get you to start writing your own scripts. You should be able to automate basic tasks at your work as well once you’re through.
  • It will build enough foundation before you attempt to pursue your dream of learning Data Mining, Data Science, Django, Test Automation or any of the several uses of Python.
  • You should be able to progress in this course either on Desktop or Mobile on your browser. No installation is necessary.

There are no time constraints and you can learn at your own pace.

Have a fun, learning experience with this wonderful language. The course is structured in a way that makes you more familiar with programming concepts as you go along, starting with the basics and going onto advanced concepts.