Are you struggling to learn Python on your own?

Do you need a helping hand to pull you out, through the Coders’ Nightmare?

If your inner monologue echoed yes, then you should definitely read on…

There are very few Python courses online that are worth your time, effort and your hard-earned money.

The rest are either too fast-paced, incomplete, confusing, overly-complicated or even overly-simplistic.

Not only that… but you won’t get to practice what they preach!

You see when it comes to programming…
A good course should give you hands-on training, instead of just lecturing you!

Pythonstation’s course lets you do that and even more…

You get to execute your code right on the browser itself!

Great for instant feedback you need to get going.

How we make your learning easy?

We believe coding is a holistic and conceptual subject.

For that, we include a huge library of visual explanations for you.

Conceptual images

Once you are done with a course topic,
you can instantly check your command over it.
This helps in recall and application of what you've learned.

Coding Problems
Coding Solutions

What happens if you ever get stuck?
We got you covered for that!

Simply check the pre-built solutions for the problems you worked on.

Moreover, our course uses a simple language.

This makes coding fun and not a technical jargon that you have to go through.

Simple Explanations

Not only that...

But we have plenty of exciting examples to boost your creativity!

  • You are an evil and powerful alien leader who wants to destroy all planets. Write a Python program that…
  • Imagine that its 2059. There’s been an exodus of people from earth to Jupiter. Sadly, there’s a new Jupiter disease X that affects children under the age of 10 in Jupiter. The government wants you to develop a simple python code that…
  • In a world of werewolves, you have to prepared for everything, but also have to be fast. You have the following list of items: apple juice, machete, holy water, electric scooter, silver knife, a photo of your first dog in a metal frame, fire-extinguisher. Write a program where...
  • You are a spy on a mission. To prevent yourself from being spotted, you have to modify the records of a firm. Create a program that..

Alien leaders. Detectives. Werewolves. Spies...

And a lot more!

Immediate access!

Course Enrollments close on May 16th, 2020.


If you happen to be one of those who are struggling to pick a programming language.

We got news for you…


While C, C++, and Java all are great programming languages… and they have their fair share of pros and cons. But none of them come close to Python in terms of simplicity and flexibility.

It is the only language which you can cover comprehensively in a month or 2 time.

That makes it ideal for beginners to start cracking code ASAP.


Python is truly a high-level language, unlike C.
It has been around for 28 years and still, it’s so popular among programmers.


On top of that Python has 3 times less development time as compared to other languages.
This means if you can cut your development time, you can save on your expenditures, keep your boss happy, improve innovation and beat your competition.

That’s the bottom line you should be looking for.
Bring creativity to your job and get rewarded for it.


It also has an English-like syntax that makes it so easy to learn.
You will mostly be writing compelling one-liners to solve complex problems.
Other languages might take multiple lines of code to get the same message across.

See… That’s the Power of Python!
Don’t sit on the fence, instead take action.
With PythonStation’s Premium Python Course.

Special offer! Enroll during Beta and get a 50% discount !



Interpreted language.

No need to compile, just test your program as you write code.


A high-level language.

Play with your creativity and get conceptual.
Enjoy more time programming and solving problems.


Supports Multiple operating systems

Runs the same code on multiple platforms
without the need of recompilation

What can YOU do with Python?

  • Python is a general-purpose language. You can do almost anything with it.
  • From building Web applications to Desktop GUI programs.
  • You would be surprised to know that some of the big giants have Python as their backend.
  • These include but are not limited to Instagram, Google, Uber and many more

Here is what you will learn in the course.

Course Contents


Module 1: Interacting with the user

Displaying on the screen / getting values from the user.

a. Documentation Strings / Multi-line comments
b. Printing
c. Formatting output
d. Getting user input


Module 2: Common Data Types

The different types of variables that you can use and converting between them.

a. Numbers
b. Strings
c. Boolean
d. None
e. Variable Type Conversion


Module 3: Data Structures

How they make it easier to store and manage your data.

a. Lists
b. Dictionary
c. Tuples
d. Sets
e. Iterators and Iterables
f. Generators and Generator Expressions
g. Common Usage Methods across all Data Structures
h. Conversion between data-structures


Module 4: Control Flow Statements

How to direct execution flow.

a. Conditional Statements
b. For Loop
c. While Loop
d. Break and Continue Statements
e. Pass Statements
f. Range Function


Module 5: Functions

Learn about Code reuse, Labmda functions, Variable scope.

a. Default Argument Values
b. Keyword Arguments
c. Packing Arbitrary Arguments Lists
d. Unpacking Argument Lists
e. Local and Global Variables
f. Lambda Expressions
g. Function Annotations


Module 6: Code Style

What are the conventions of coding in Python?

a. Introduction to PEP8
b. Indentation
c. Maximum Line Length
d. Imports


Module 7: File Handling

Playing with files on your OS.

a. Reading and Writing Files
b. File Handling
c. Wildcards and glob


Module 8: Error Handling

How to prevent program crashes & read tracebacks logs.

a. Traceback
b. try, except, else, finally
c. Raising Exceptions
d. User Defined Exceptions


Module 9: Python Modules

How to import a public module & create your own.

a. Modules
b. Main Function
c. Command Line Arguments
d. dir Function
e. Modules vs Packages


Module 10: Classes

Object oriented programming in Python.

a. Classes and Objects
b. Creating a Simple Class
c. Creating an Instance of a Class
d. Inheritance
e. Multiple Inheritance

For your convenience here is a rough timeline you can use to learn this language.

If you put in 1.5 hours a day.
It will take you roughly :

  • 3 days for learning basic syntax
  • 8 days for functions, exceptions, control flow statements
  • 5 days to learn data structures, and data types
  • 10 days to learn advanced stuff like modules, file handling, and classes

But don’t take our word for it… 

See what people have to say about Pythonstation's course.

Marie Fisher


A fun way to learn Python! Lots of coding problems, examples and quizzes that are well spaced out throughout the course.

I love how this course enables you to learn Python quickly. Learning with the ability to execute code on the go is a big plus! Instantly seeing the output of the code builds trust that what you're doing is correct.

The fun examples are a very unique concept and fun to read! In fact, every topic has it's own dedicated page of examples!

But the thing that really got me is attempting the coding problems. I feel that that is what gives me a lot of confidence and a feeling like I'm done with this topic. By the time you reach problem solving you're ready to attempt because you've gone through theory, examples, quizzes and fun scenario examples.

Overall, I just love this Python course and would recommend this to anyone who's interested in learning Python!

Carl Numan


This is the right course that you have been searching for.

Before joining this I was kinda messing myself up because I didn't know any python syntax well.

This course makes me learn smarter, execute program smarter and learn deeply.
(Pythonstation..) makes my day and it's worth spending time here. Pretty good examples and explanations make me very happy.

I didn't give up. I kept going at the examples one module after another. Now I can program in Python with ease!

This is the right course that you have been searching for.

Dandy Brian


It is definitely worth it. Go for it. Especially if you are new to programming.

(Earlier) I had no clue about programming and was always very curious about this subject.

(In this course) everything is very well explained. Not only that but also there are lots of examples to make sure you understand everything. As a newbie I felt that this course was perfect for me.

I developed a huge interest into programming and I am keen on learning new things. You will realize how much you can do with this programming language even when only learning the basics.

Once again I have to praise the amount of examples given. The theory you read through is used here in these practical examples.

It is definitely worth it. Go for it. Especially if you are new to programming.

Python 3 course

Once out of Beta, this course will cost $99.



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
PYTHON 3 course Beta

Your friendly guide to core Python

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  • Everything in the regular plan
  • 100% Money-back guarantee valid for 30 days.
  • 2 months of support to answer your queries if you're stuck anywhere in the course.
  • 50% off the regular price (time-limited).

30-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

We want to make sure that you are 100% happy with your risk-free purchase!

Take your time to explore this course and work your way through it. At any point of time within 30 days, if you feel that this course isn't giving you the results you want, or you can't work out how to use it, or you've changed your mind then you can cancel anytime and get a 100% refund of your money. 

If you need any clarifications while using the course, just get in touch with our helpful support team. They will help you with concepts that you're finding confusing or any other issues that you have.

We provide such a money-back guarantee because we are confident that you will love this course! This way enrolling is risk-free for you.

Course Enrollments close on May 16th, 2020


Frequently Asked Questions

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PYTHON 3 course

Once out of Beta, this course will cost $99.



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
PYTHON 3 course Beta

Your friendly guide to core Python

(In exchange for feedback)



  • Everything in the regular plan
  • 100% Money-back guarantee valid for 30 days.
  • 2 months of support to answer your queries if you're stuck anywhere in the course.
  • 50% off the regular price (time-limited).

About The Teachers

A group of office drones who've worked as developers and automation testers for more than a decade. 

They are passionate about using Python and about teaching as an art. 

They understand how tough learning can be when you're under stress and designed this course to make it easy. 

They dream of one day creating the perfect course which will teach you about life itself and allow you to deal with every problem in your life. Until then they're proud of this course and hope you enjoy it!