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Dear visitor. Welcome to the Python Engager Beta course! Your progress gets saved to your account if you login. Registration is free! No hidden charges.

Python Engager starts with an easy difficulty and slowly increases the level to a more advanced one. This makes it learning easy.

Note: This course is free because it’s ad supported. We need to pay to keep servers running and our only source of income is through ads. Hence, we request you to disable ad-blockers on this site. Thanks for being so supportive!

The Python Engager uses a mix of mind engaging techniques in order to hook your brain so you can learn easily. Hence, it is imperative that you not skip any exercises or examples. Even if a problem feels very easy for you to solve, we recommend you go ahead and try working on it anyway. This will give you a good practice and greater confidence in programming. This confidence will help you in absorbing more concepts. This creates a positive feedback cycle of learning which keeps you motivated.

Moreover, repeated practice will also help you in remembering what you’ve learnt. So try not to skip any examples, quizzes or problems.

The concepts are taught with spaced-repetitions. In other words, as you progress forward you may encounter earlier concepts again along with the new concept. This way while you practice the new concept you also solidify your understanding of the earlier concepts.

When you find a new concept then try playing with the examples given. You can modify the examples and execute directly in your browser!

Try to predict what the output should be. Then execute it and see the results.

We are currently in the beta phase and value any feedback that you may have. If you come across any typos or minor issues then please report them using the “Contact Us” button.

Each lesson with its quiz/problems is designed to be consumed in 45 mins – the ideal length of a study session. If you are familiar with the pomodoro technique then think of each lesson as a ready-made pomodoro exercise waiting for you. Progressing in this manner will allow you to have a steady pace and eventually complete your learning. Think of this as a marathon rather than a sprint.

We hope you enjoy this course!

-Pythonstation Team