Tired of learning via YouTube videos / online forums / random articles?

Want to fill gaps in your knowledge?

Look no further. You’ve arrived at the best Python course!

The Python Engager! Interactive. Fun!

Why is Python Engager the best free course?

The best way to learn Python is through practice. Lots of practice. Why? Because your mind stays active and you will understand concepts easily.

Most courses out there don’t make you practice code. They just throw lots of info at you. So what can you do?

Introducing… the Python 3 Engager course – it is NOT an ordinary course!

What’s so great about this course?

No more passive learning. This course engages your mind in several ways:

  • Play with the code! Modify/execute directly on your browser! Have doubts? Try out instantly. Learn by doing. Active learning.

  • Fun examples / 350+ Entertaining Examples. Kill procrastination. You wouldn’t want to wait until your next lesson!

Learn from fun examples! Pythonstation’s unique method of teaching.

  • You are an evil and powerful alien leader who wants to destroy all planets. Write a Python program that…
  • You are a spy on a mission. To prevent yourself from being spotted, you have to modify the records of a firm. Create a program that..
  • In a world of werewolves, you have to be prepared. You have the following list of items: apple juice, machete, holy water, silver knife, a photo of your first dog in a metal frame. Write a program where…

  • Solve Quizzes (a whopping 400+ quizzes!). After each lesson. No passive learning. Check your understanding.

  • Write code. (350+ Programming exercises) waiting for you to solve. Lessonwise! No more searching for problems to solve. No sleeping while studying.

    That’s 750+ exercises for you! 75 days worth of searching for exercises.
  • No more banging your head on the wall. Conceptual images to help you visualize.
    Digest concepts after feasting your eyes on these images.

  • From absolute Beginner to Master (60+ lessons) on Python! Estd. time 30+ hours.

  • Learn efficiently. Each lesson is a 40 minutes capsule (or less). The ideal duration of your study session! How’s that for commitment?

  • If you already know Python then brush up your weak spots.

  • Build a solid foundation of core Python so you can pursue your dream of learning Data Mining, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Django, Test Automation or any of the several uses of Python.

  • Use Desktop, Tablet or Mobile browser. Switch between them whenever you want! Supports Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Best of all, it’s free! (Ad-supported)

Research shows that active learning is among the most impactful and memorable forms of learning.

— Kevin Turner

Learning Python is a joyous experience. Don’t waste your time and energy by learning haphazardly from multiple sources. Learn from one stop and without stressing yourself.

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