A free Python 3 course that allows you to execute the code as you go along. After you’re done with this course you should be able to:

  • Automate repetitive tasks at your job
  • Have a solid, confident understanding of core Python concepts. It will build enough foundation before you attempt to pursue your dream of learning Data Mining, Data Science, Django, Test Automation or any of several uses of Python, in the future. To excel in any of these you first need to be strong with the fundamentals.
  • Recall basic terminology, syntax or concepts by memory.
  • Be confident in Interviews.
  • Not have to keep googling for syntax, for basic concepts whenever you sit down to code the next time.

For all these things, you need to learn core Python first, and this course will teach you that. This course has enough material to get you programming in Python independently, and within a few chapters you should be able to start writing your own programs. There is no time constraints and you can learn at your own pace.

We hope that you have a fun, learning experience with this wonderful language. The course is structured in a way that makes you more familiar with programming as you go along, starting with the basics and going onto advanced concepts.

This course is currently in Beta and if you wish inclusion of a particular chapter/topic, or have any feedback about the course then please send an email to admin@pythonstation.com

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